Kettering General Dentistry

Prevention and Early Intervention to Keep Your Smile Healthy

Artisan Dental Group Offers Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Dayton and Kettering

The foundation of a healthy smile is built on preventive care and minimally invasive treatments. Our goal for patients like you is to reverse oral disease when possible, and treat it at its earliest stages so future complications can be avoided. We’re proud of the fact that we are a family practice, where adults and children alike have access to the oral treatments and therapies they deserve.

We have all of the general and preventive dental services that your family needs:

Comprehensive Dental Exams Kettering

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Our team conducts a thorough, baseline examination on each patient, then we monitor any changes visit by visit. During your exams, we check for worn enamel, cavities, bone loss, gum disease, TMJ disorders, and so much more! We firmly believe that early intervention helps preserve tooth enamel and prevent more invasive treatments later on.

Oral Screening Cancer Treatment Kettering

Oral Cancer Screenings

Early diagnosis of oral cancer and precancerous tissue is important, which is why we perform an oral cancer screening on each patient. If we find suspicious tissues, we employ a more advanced screening tool called Oral CDX, a painless and effective, scalpel-less biopsy technique. Early identification and treatment are key to your lasting oral health.

Dental Digital X-Rays Kettering

Digital & Panoramic X-Rays

Low-radiation digital x-rays make your dental care safer, but they are also faster. All the x-ray images are instantly visible on an in-room monitor, which makes it easier to discuss treatment plans with you. Our on-site panoramic x-ray machine enables us to assess other areas as well, such as your jaw and its bone structures.

Oral Camera Screening Service Kettering

Intraoral Cameras

These small cameras allow our team to capture images of teeth anywhere there is an area of concern. These images are then projected on our in-room monitor, all to help you understand our concerns and your treatment options.

Digital Impression Machine Kettering

Digital Impression Machine

Have you ever had dental impressions taken? Then you know how uncomfortable the experience can be. Not only is your mouth filled with gooey putty, you have to sit still without gagging while it sets. If you move, the impression might be off, which means that your restoration will be off as well!

We don’t want to put our patients through it! That’s why, instead of putty molds, we now use a high-tech digital impression system. With our digital impressions only a delicate wand touches the inside of your mouth. These impressions are also exquisitely accurate and can be saved in your computer files for future use and comparison.

Dental Hygiene & Hygienist Kettering

Dental Hygiene

Preventive cleanings are an important part of keeping your mouth free of gum disease and tooth decay. We use gentle Cavitron and sonic scalers to clean your tooth surfaces effectively and gently. We also screen for symptoms of gum disease and offer oral hygiene guidance if you need extra help.

Gum Disease Treatment Kittering

Periodontal Therapy

We don’t want gum disease to destroy your smile – or your body! The truth is, not only do more people lose their teeth to gum disease than any other dental condition, it has also been linked to heart attacks according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Our attentive periodontal therapy program helps patients reverse infection and prevent the progression of gum disease. For severe cases, we also offer Arestin topical antibiotic, which helps treat even the most severe areas of periodontal disease.

Flouride Treatment Kittering

Fluoride Treatments

After each cleaning we apply a professional fluoride treatment to your and your children’s teeth. Fluoride treatments prevent cavities and reverse sensitivity while strengthening tooth enamel. In children, fluoride treatments enhance the strength of new adult tooth enamel.

Mouthguard Treatment Kettering

Dental Mouthguards

Custom-fitted mouthguards provide exceptional protection compared to stock-sized over-the-counter products. We offer mouthguards for the treatment of TMJ disorders, the prevention of grinding/bruxism, and even sports mouthguards. Wearing a mouthguard when you’re at risk for sports-related injury, if you grind your teeth, or have TMJ problems is one of the best pieces of insurance you can have for your smile.

Emergency Dental Care Kettering

Emergency Dental Care

In cases of extreme pain or a knocked out tooth, you need care fast. Our goal is to alleviate your pain as quickly as possible. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency we will make every effort to accommodate your needs as soon as you can make it to our office. Please call us right away.