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A Smile You Can Be Proud Of

Being self-conscious about your teeth could prevent you from making new friends, getting a job, networking effectively, or even laughing often.

The team at Artisan Dental Group wants to help you reclaim the joy in your life, so we work hard to bring you treatments and therapies that will put the glisten back on your grin.

There’s no one right cosmetic treatment for everyone. That’s why we offer a combination of cosmetic services for you to choose from:

Porcelain Dental Veneers

Our veneers go over the front of the teeth to correct the appearance of teeth that are broken, misshapen, gapped, or severely discolored. Each veneer is custom-designed to the shape, color, and size you prefer to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Minimal Dental Veneers

This less-invasive dental veneer is a completely reversible treatment that offers a more translucent appearance. Minimal-prep veneers are placed over gently conditioned teeth, to give you a completely new smile.

Full Mouth Restoration Treatment

Has it been years since you’ve seen a dentist? Do you have several teeth that are breaking down or wearing away? Our full-mouth restoration therapy addresses your mouth as a whole. Together, you and our team will formulate a treatment plan to return your mouth to optimal health and beauty.

Dental Crown Lengthening Treatment

Sometimes, broken or badly damaged teeth can still be restored. During our crown lengthening procedures, we remove a small amount of gum tissue around the tooth so that fixed restorations like crowns or bridges can be placed. Crown lengthening may also be used for the management of gum disease, by making it easier to keep the areas around your teeth clean and free of bacteria.

Tooth Recontouring Treatment

Irregular gumlines, gummy smiles, or uneven teeth can impact the overall look of your smile. By gently reshaping gum tissue and the edges of your teeth, we can make your smile full and even from ear to ear. Gum and tooth recontouring is simple, effective, and produces instant results.

Composite Dental Bonding Treatment

Are you bothered by a small gap, irregular edge, or a chip in one or two of your teeth? Composite bonding is an excellent way to rebuild your tooth by using tooth-colored restorative materials. The end result looks just like a full, healthy tooth.

Smile Teeth Whitening Treatment

It’s normal for your smile to darken over time, especially if you drink coffee, soda, red wine, or use tobacco products. Our safe and effective professional teeth whitening treatments help lift years of stain and make your smile brighter. You may choose from our take-home, custom whitening trays that produce full results within 10-14 days, or our in-office whitening treatment that brightens your smile in just one hour.


In addition to our dental cosmetic services, we offer additional services to enhance your face. Dr. Callejo has taken multiple courses on facial sculpting using Botox and dermal fillers and is a certified Botox, Juvederm, and PDO provider. He is uniquely qualified to provide these services – after all, who knows your facial structure better than your dentist? Better yet, we can provide all of these services right here in our comfortable and convenient office. Why not surround your beautiful smile with youthful and glowing features? Ask us about our facial injectables today!

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