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Kettering Sedation Dentistry

A Comfortable Way to Enjoy Your Dental Care

Sedation dentistry is a perfect choice for patients who:

  • Are anxious about their dental care
  • Have had bad experiences with a dentist
  • Are unable to sit for long periods of time
  • Need a lot of treatment
  • Want to have all of their treatment finished in one visit

We make sedation dentistry available to everyone because we believe everyone deserves to have a positive, comfortable experience when it comes to his or her dental care. Even if you’re not anxious about treatment, choosing sedation dentistry is a wonderful way to enhance your experience. Our extensive sleep and sedation dentistry training allows us to offer types of sedation that may not be available in other offices. We hold certifications in each of our sedation techniques.

Nitrous Oxide Service

Nitrous oxide is a simple, straightforward, short-acting way to relax just about anyone, during any dental procedure – even cleanings! The anesthesia resolves so quickly when you’re finished that you’ll be able to drive yourself. When you inhale nitrous oxide gas combined with oxygen, you experience a relaxed sensation that calms your muscles and nerves. Once your treatment is over, the effects are reversed in as few as five minutes, which allows you to get right back to your busy life.


Oral Sedation Treatment

Oral sedation is a simple way to tune out your dental treatment. We will prescribe an oral sedative; you take it about one hour prior to your appointment. At the time of your treatment, you will be able to respond to simple questions but will most likely not remember anything about the visit. It will be like you’re dreaming or taking a nap. You’ll want to make sure someone is available to drive you.


IV Conscious Sedation Dentistry

When you choose IV conscious sedation, you’ll experience quick sedation that continues throughout the whole appointment. Once treatment is complete, we shut off the medication, and you wake up. It is not safe to drive though, so you’ll need a ride for this option, too. IV sedation offers a deeper level of safe sedation available in a dental care facility, we take extreme measures to ensure your safety throughout the entire visit.


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