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The 5 Most Effective Ways to Strengthen Teeth

added on: November 11, 2021

Tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in the body, which means it’s excellent at protecting teeth. However, tooth enamel can be weakened over time which can increase the risk of developing cavities, cracks, and other problems. Luckily, your dentist in Kettering has some great tooth-strengthening techniques to help keep your teeth strong and healthy for many years to come. 

1. Eat Your Vitamins

What we eat can certainly affect our overall health, but it can also affect dental health. In fact, our teeth need certain vitamins and minerals to help protect enamel and keep it super strong. Some of the key vitamins and minerals our teeth need include: 

  • Vitamin A – often found in orange foods
  • Phosphorus – find it in poultry, fish, eggs, and meat
  • Vitamin D – get it in your daily cereal or dairy foods
  • Calcium – dairy, leafy greens, beans, and almonds are great sources of calcium

2. Brush Well, Brush Often
You will always hear your dentist in Kettering  talk about how important it is to brush your teeth every day, twice a day. This is because brushing your teeth is one of the best ways to remove plaque and bacteria that have built up throughout the day. Both plaque and bacteria can lead to acid production which can weaken enamel and increase the risk of decay. 

3. Don’t Forget the Floss

Sure brushing is important, but it can only remove so much on its own. This is where flossing comes into play. Flossing in between each and every tooth at least once a day will help remove hard-to-reach bacteria and leftover food particles that your toothbrush simply couldn’t get, further protecting your teeth against the dangers of bacteria. 

4. Drink Water

Drinking enough water every day is another way to help protect your teeth and keep them strong. Unlike juice and soft drinks, water is sugar-free so it won’t feed bad bacteria in the mouths. Additionally, water can not only help neutralize mouth acids, but it can help keep the mouth hydrated. This makes it easier for bacteria to wash away before it has a chance to settle in and cause problems. 

5. See Your Dentist in Kettering

Most patients should see their dentist at least twice a year for preventive checkups and cleanings. Professional dental cleanings can remove plaque and tartar that you can’t remove at home. This again helps protect the integrity of enamel and strengthens teeth. Your dentist may also recommend a fluoride treatment as an added layer of protection. 

It’s not uncommon for patients to experience weakening enamel and, in turn, more dental problems. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Your dentist can help you strengthen enamel and talk with you about the best ways to protect your teeth from additional wear and tear. This is one reason why keeping your dental appointments every six months is so important. 

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