It’s All About The Straw

added on: October 11, 2016

When we’re on the go, it’s easy to grab a beverage from the nearest fast food restaurant or convenience store. My dental office in Kettering wants to talk about an important, handy accessory that commonly comes with these to-go drinks – the straw.

How Can Straws Help Teeth?

It might seem strange that a bendable piece of plastic can actually help keep teeth from potential harm, but it’s actually true. One of the biggest benefits of using a straw is avoiding potential stains from dark beverages such as coffee or tea. It may seem strange to swig these drinks through a straw, but when you do, it means your drink has less contact with your teeth.

My Kettering dental office also wants you to know that drinking beverages without a straw basically bathes your pearly whites in whatever it is you’re drinking. This means that your drink of choice is left lingering on your teeth’s surfaces long after your cup is empty. Choosing a straw over sipping directs liquids away from your teeth, reducing your exposure to sugar-packed, stain-inducing drinks and the risk of tooth damage.

Can Straws Help Hygiene?

When it comes to quenching your thirst, there are other things to worry about besides diverting your beverage away from teeth. Did you know dishes or your handy to-go cup can play host to germs? The truth is, bacteria and germs are always lurking in and around your home and restaurants on glasses and cups. Pretty gross, huh? But by sticking a straw in your cup, you can successfully avoid these germs and bacteria. The less bacteria you introduce to your mouth, the less likely your are to get cavities and suffer from decay. So while it may seem like a silly, easy thing, straws really can help keep your teeth healthy and reduce the need for advanced dental treatment.

Straw Power – Bonus Benefit!

By using a straw, we are able to easily adjust how much of a beverage we take in at one time. So this means the risk of choking is greatly reduced. Taking in smaller amounts at a time can also help you avoid mouth burns when drinking hot beverages.

Your dentist in Kettering always wants you and your teeth to be as healthy as possible. We care about giving you the tips and tricks to always ensure your smile is free of cavity-causing bacteria. It may seem strange, but using a straw is a great way to do just that. These handy, bendable plastic beverage necessities help you and your teeth enjoy drinks both hot and cold.

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