Sedation Dentistry

added on: October 27, 2015

Sleep Right Through Your Dental Treatment!

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous about coming back to the dentist. We understand. That’s why we offer a number of sedation options for any dental procedure. We want you to be able to relax and forget about previous bad experiences, and to be as comfortable as possible while we return your mouth to its former robustness and beauty.

Sedation dentistry is perfect for anyone – from people who suffer severe anxiety about the dentist to someone who simply wants to relax during their treatment. Sedation options are available for both children and adults.

We offer all three types of sedation dentistry. The first is the most common, which is nitrous oxide gas. This inhaled gas helps patients remain fully conscious but quite relaxed during their treatment. It is easy to administer and the effects end within five minutes of finishing your work.

Oral sedation is another alternative. This type of sedation uses a prescription-strength sedative that is taken one hour before the treatment appointment. The medication lasts for four to five hours, which is more than enough time to complete most treatment. The medications used are also amnesiacs, which means you probably won’t remember a single thing about the entire appointment! You will need a ride both to and from your appointment, though.

IV conscious sedation is the deepest level of safe sedation available in the dental office. This method uses intravenous medications, which create a deep sedation in just a couple of minutes and is turned off as soon as we complete your treatment. Patients who choose IV sedation feel as if they slept through their entire visit.

Many people take advantage of sedation dentistry to catch up on all of their dentistry in just one appointment. Some procedures can take longer to complete than others, but with sedation dentistry it’s like taking a nap throughout the entire appointment. Why come back for several visits when you can have them all completed at once?

Which sedation option is best for you? We invite you to visit with the Artisan Dental Group team to find out more about our services and the exceptional comfort that our sedation options have to offer.

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