Kettering Implant Dentistry

Complete Dental Implant Treatment in Kettering

Implant Treatments Right Here in Our Office!

Many dental implant providers require their patients to toggle back and forth between a surgeon and a dentist. Not at Artisan Dental Group! Our extensive experience in surgical placement and restorative treatment makes Artisan Dental Group a one-stop shop. You’ll never have to see another provider for any stage of your implant treatment.

Implants are perfect tooth replacements for single or multiple missing teeth. They’re frequently used to support:

  • Individual porcelain dental crowns
  • Multiple-tooth dental bridges
  • Fixed implant dentures

The artificial implant root is placed into the jaw, and new bone growth secures it. Once your implants are delivered, they are even stronger than your natural tooth! After the surgical placement of the implant root, some recovery time will be needed. We will provide you with a temporary tooth replacement option until new bone growth has developed. Within three to four months, your implant will be ready to support its permanent, fixed prosthesis.

Implant Support Denture Treatment Kettering

Implant-Supported Dentures

If you’ve heard anything about wearing dentures (or have experience with them yourself), you know that some people struggle with bulkiness or looseness that a removable denture can cause. Artisan Dental Group provides a more effective option – the All-on-4 implant-anchored denture. These dentures stay in place permanently on as few as four implant roots. They are much more compact than traditional acrylic dentures, and that frees up space in your mouth to make speaking and eating a breeze.

Computer Guide Placement Kettering

CT Computer Guided Placement

Have you been concerned about the precision of your implant placement or told that you were not a candidate because of bone loss? Our in-office 3D CT scanner allows the Artisan Dental Group team to obtain a detailed, 3D view of your jaw and supporting tissues to discover and assess your natural, healthy bone. This enables us to place implants in areas that had previously been considered unusable or where extensive bone grafting surgery might have been required.

When it’s time to actually place the implant, we use a computer-aided, “CAD” surgical guide which speeds up the procedure, reduces recovery time, and enhances the success of the dental implant.